The Anger Toolbox

The Anger Toolbox

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This is a ground breaking handbook for parents and any other adults caring for, or working with, children and teens. It addresses the issue of managing anger in a fresh way. This is the 2nd edition of this proven and very popular Skylight title and it has had its content and style comprehensively updated and extended.

The Anger Toolbox, with its a friendly, honest style, uses evidence-based information and local New Zealand support contacts. It looks at what anger is, the effects it can have on us and the different strategies children, teens and adults can learn to manage it safely and well.

No one size fits all, so this culturally inclusive handbook offers a smorgasbord of suggestions. There are also insightful quotes and comments from parents and others experienced in anger management. It is comprehensive in its approach, to be as useful as possible. When there are angry times, whatever their cause, readers will be able to dip in and out of The Anger Toolbox for the help, support and ideas they need.

It is written by Tricia Irving Hendry, John Taylor Smith and Jenny McIntosh, who have brought to it their backgrounds in parenting, grand-parenting, teaching, writing, school leadership, counselling, nursing, youth and community work. They have also consulted widely with specialists and researchers to develop this handbook.

Benefits of this title:

Very practical information, including support options
Provides adults with anger management skills to use themselves and to teach their children and teens
A wide range of choices and ideas offered for every age
Culturally inclusive
Has a significant role to play in violence prevention in NZ by reaching into homes with non-threatening but very honest information and strategies for positive change.