Youth Cards Getting Stronger - Pack of 50

Youth Cards Getting Stronger - Pack of 50

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This colourful, credit card sized youth support leaflet, which folds out, uses the latest research into ways to build up personal resilience, and offers young people many ideas and tools for becoming more resilient, to be able to face whatever life brings.

It comes as a pack of 50 leaflets,with a colourful and practical stand. 

The other 12 card topics are:

  1. Anxiety - Looks at how anxiety affects young people and provide information on how to manage it.
  2. Behind Bars - When Someone’s in Prison.  Written for those whose lives are impacted by a family/whanau member or friend being in prison.  It speaks frankly about what it can be like and offers ideas for getting through this difficult and demanding time.
  3. Bereavement - Information about grief following the death of someone close to you, and tips on how to get through it.
  4. Bullying - Information for Bullies and those Being Bullied.  Looks at bullying from both sides and offers different ideas for dealing with it, whether the reader is the one bullied or the one who is doing the bullying. It gives very sound, well-researched advice.
  5. Fitting In - Tackles loneliness, providing ideas for getting along with others and making friendships.
  6. Heart Break - Provides practical ideas for getting through the painful time when a relationship breaks or didn’t turn out as a young person wanted it to.
  7. Life Tips for Hard Times - Offers key thoughts and ideas for times when ‘everything sucks’, including info around problem-solving, sleep and positive self-talk.
  8. Managing Anger - Helps readers understand their anger and provides practical tools for managing it if it builds up.
  9. New Home - Living in a New Country.  Honestly discusses the difficult issues many young people have when they migrate to a new country, whatever their circumstances.  Offers ideas for managing this challenging transition time and encouragement as they do.
  10. Split - When Parents Break Up.  For young people when they are facing or going through a parental break up.  Honest and direct, it reflects the difficult experiences of many young people and provides suggestions about ways to get through this time in the best way possible.
  11. Stressed Out - Looks at stress and its impact, providing practical approaches to managing stress in an ongoing, healthy way.
  12. Supporting a Friend - Helps young people who are trying to support a friend or family members through a difficult situation, providing helpful information, sources for extra support and self care ideas too.