Who Me?

Who Me?

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Finally, good information targeted at those who are bullying.  This 16 page hand-sized booklet is for 10-17 year olds who have been bullying others and it's full of helpful information and strategies for them to use to help them stop bullying behaviour.  It is very honest and straight talking.  The booklet, which is colourful and has lots of engaging graphics and photos, focuses on ways to change behaviour and on the positive outcomes possible for themselves and others if the bullying stops.  It helps young readers better understand what bullying really is and its effects - many children and teens don't realise what they've been doing is bullying, or how damaging it can be on others.

This is an innovative and invaluable new tool for anyone living with, or working with, 10 - 17 year olds who have been bullying others.

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If you are interested in this booklet, you may like to look at our Bullying leaflet which looks at bullying from both sides - the bully and those being bullied. It offers different practical and tested ideas for dealing with it.