Using Stories To Help Children

Using Stories To Help Children

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Children love stories.  Stories can go straight to the heart.  Through stories children can have their situations, and their real feelings about it, addressed without needing to defend themselves or feel awkward.

This recently published New Zealand handbook presents a wide range of stories to read with children and are an easy length for reading aloud - not too long.  They identify and illustrate difficult situations and provide the tools needed to name the thoughts and feelings about such situations, talk about them, and develop strategies for dealing with them.

This is a great tool for parents, caregivers, teachers, counsellors and children's workers of any kind. 

The topics covered in the different stories are:

  • when parents separate
  • an absent father
  • having a disabled sibling
  • being bullied
  • when sexual abuse has happened
  • parent death, violence, being fostered
  • when a new baby is born 
  • feeling isolated by giftedness

Each story also comes with notes for the adult who is supporting a child through a difficult life situation.  A wonderful and welcome new addition to our catalogue!

Pages: 60

Author: Liz Maluschnig